U3500 N

UASure Control Solution - Normal (optional)

The standard (normal level) uric acid concentration solution is used to perform the "Quality Control Testing” (see Chapter 2, p.13 of the handbook) to check for system accuracy, to practice the test procedure, and when using a new lot of UASure® Blood Uric Acid Test Strips.
Perform Quality Control Testing: When you first get your meter, before performing a blood uric acid test. When you first begin to use a new package of UASure® Blood Uric Acid Test Strips. When you suspect your UASure® Blood Uric Acid meter and test strips are not working properly. When the blood uric acid results do not reflect how you feel. When your test strips have been exposed to extreme temperatures (see UASure Blood Uric Acid Test Strip Insert for operation ranges). To practice the test procedure.


  • The acceptable range for the control solution is listed on the package of test strips.
  • Use only the UASure® Uric Acid Control Solution.
  • Always check the expiration date. DO NOT use control solution if expired.
  • Newly opened bottle of control solution must be marked with the date opened; discard any unused control solution three months after opening or expiration date.
  • Control solutions should be refrigerated after use. DO NOT FREEZE. When control solutions needs to be used again, allow it to stand under room temperature at least 30 minutes before use.
  • If a control solution test is not within the expected range that is printed on the test strip package, DO NOT use the system to test. Repeat the test until a control solution test performs within the expected range. If the results continue falling outside the expected range, call the authorised dealer for service.
  • DO NOT touch the test area with the tip of the control solution bottle.
  • DO NOT apply a second drop of control solution to the test strip.
  • Replace the bottle cap on the control solution bottle immediately after use.

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