Uric Acid Test Strips - EXPIRY DATE: 2022-08-31

U3601 - S
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Short Shelf Life

For use with the UASure Uric Acid Meter. (box of 25 with code chip) EXPIRY DATE: 2022-08-31

Each box of 25 individually wrapped strips comes with its own code chip, which fits in the back of the meter. For accurate readings, this must be inserted (after removing the previous one) when you start a new box of strips. The maximum shelf life of each strip is 12 months, as each strip is wrapped in foil you get maximum life out of each box of strips. This is much, much more than if the strips were just loose in a cannister, where the "usage life" is only THREE MONTHS after first opening that cannister! Product discounts 1 box @ £12.49 2 boxes or more @ £11.24 each