Further Information on the UASure Uric Acid Monitor

For the quantitative detection of elevated uric acid levels as well as uric acid metabolism disorders.
Biomedical screening and long-term follow-up checks of uric acid concentration in the blood circulation are important to detect the asymptomatic hyperuricemia and to prevent the risk of developing renal disease as a  result of hyperuricemia. This is also associated with primary gout and attributable to the cause of secondary gout.

This was the first hand-held, self-monitoring, blood uric acid meter on the market. 
The meter is simple and easy to use, and is intended both for healthcare professionals or individuals at home, and has:

  • Advanced biosensor technology,
  • LCD display,
  • Symbolic screen,
  • Easy operation in 3 steps,
  • Only 6 micro-litres of whole blood sample is needed,
  • Accurate test results within 30 seconds,
  • Memory recall of the last 10 test results,
  • Blood sample applied outside the meter,
  • Convertible mg/dl or mol/L, test range 3-20 mg/dl.

A 'Quick Guide' can be downloaded here.