How to test your uric acid

To test for Uric Acid with a Uric Acid Meter, a small sample of blood is placed on a disposable test strip placed in the meter. The test strips are coated with chemicals, which combine with the Uric Acid in your blood.

The UASure Uric Acid Monitor measures how much Uric Acid is present in the patient's blood and displays the it as a number.  This will be automatically stored in the UASure meter's memory.  
A step by step guide is shown below: 

  1. Purchase a UASure meter kit: click here to buy now

  1. Before testing read to the User Manual to learn how to set the meter up!

    A 'Quick Guide' can be downloaded here.

  1. Insert the Code Chip in the meter first: refer to user manual for more details

  1. Ensure you are in the product's safe operation range of 18°c to 38°c otherwise there could be an error message of tLO or Thi. 

  1. Wash your hands with soap and warm water and dry them thoroughly.

  1. Hang the arm down, from which you are going to take the blood, at your side for 10-15 seconds before lancing the finger.  Holding the arm below the heart and massaging the wrist, palm and then the finger makes the blood flow to the finger more quickly and easily.

  1. Obtain a drop of blood using your lancing device. Consult your healthcare professional for the proper technique on using a lancing device.  Tip: to avoid soreness, select the site on the side of you fingertips.  

  1. Apply blood to the yellow reaction zone located on the curved edge of the Uric Acid test strip.  When the reaction zone has filled completely the Uric Aicd meter  will beep, indicating that blood has been received by the test strip.  
    DO NOT add or apply a second drop of blood this may cause false result.

  1. The meter screen will display timing bars “………”.  The bars will flash and gradually diminish for countdown.

  1. After the timing bars disappear (approx. 30 seconds), the screen will display the test result.  Record the test result in the Uric Acid Log book.   This is also automatically stored into the Uric Acid Meter’s memory. 



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