The UASure hand-held blood uric acid meter with individually wrapped strips, for maximum 'use-by' life! This reduces waste and cost for those who do not test often.


UASure - Uric Acid Starter Kit

Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
UASure Starter Kit, consisting of:
1 x UASure Uric Acid Monitoring Kit 1 x UASure uric acid strips (25) Warning: You should read all product packaging and labels carefully prior to use.
UASure Kit
  • 1 x UASure Blood Uric Acid Monitoring Kit - which contains: monitor, 3V 2032 Lithium battery (removed for international sales), monitor checker, ONLY 5 strips, code card, 5 lancets, lancing device, users guide, log book, wallet
  • 1 x UASure blood uric acid strips (25)
  • UASure Gout - Uric Acid Test Strips

    Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
    For use with the UASure Uric Acid Meter. (box of 25 with code chip)
    Each box of 25 individually wrapped strips comes with its own code chip, which fits in the back of the meter. For accurate readings, this must be inserted (after removing the previous one) when you start a new box of strips. The maximum shelf life of each strip is 12 months, as each strip is wrapped in foil you get maximum life out of each box of strips. This is much, much more than if the strips were just loose in a cannister, where the "usage life" is only THREE MONTHS after first opening that cannister! Product discounts 1 box @ £20.98 2 boxes @ £19.98 each 3 or more boxes @ £18.98 each

    UASure Control Solution - Normal (optional)

    Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
    U3500 N
    The standard (normal level) uric acid concentration solution is used to perform the "Quality Control Testing” (see Chapter 2, p.13 of the handbook) to check for system accuracy, to practice the test procedure, and when using a new lot of UASure® Blood Uric Acid Test Strips.
    Perform Quality Control Testing: When you first get your meter, before performing a blood uric acid test. When you first begin to use a new package of UASure® Blood Uric Acid Test Strips. When you suspect your UASure® Blood Uric Acid meter and test strips are not working properly. When the blood uric acid results do not reflect how you feel. When your test strips have been exposed to extreme temperatures (see UASure Blood Uric Acid Test Strip Insert for operation ranges). To practice the test procedure.

    AgaMatrix 33G lancets (200/box)

    Delivery time:UK 3-5 days, non-UK 15 days
    This 33G (0.2 mm) lancet is the thinnest offered by Arctic Medical and is designed to reduce pain of testing. For use with the UASure lancing device and any other Type A lancing device. Size: 200 lancets per pack Description: Only 0.2 mm Re-closable cap Warning: You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use
    Safety Information Due to the risk of cross infection, this single use device is for self-monitoring by a single user only. Reuse of this single use device will affect safety, performance and effectiveness, and exposes users to unnecessary risks.