Q & A

Q.  Why do I get 'nil' when I press the button?  I've just received my UASure kit and put in the battery and this is what I get.

A.  That is correct.  Pressing the button gives access to the memory, and as you have not taken any readings the answer is 'nil'.

Q.  Why does the code not show on the screen, but remains blank, when I put the chip in?

A.  The monitor remains off when you put the code chip in its slot.  The code will appear on the screen only when you insert a strip and switch the machine on.  This allows you to check the code against that on the strip's label on the wrapping. 

Q.  Why are the strips wrapped?

A.  The strips (25 in a box) are individually wrapped so that you get to use of the maximum shelf life. 
The wrapped strips are protected against degradation from the open air, until they are ready for use, unlike  unwrapped strips in plastic tubes, which probably need to be used within 3 months after taking the first strip out. 

Q.  I'm getting constant readings on my UASure!

A.  Please make sure you are inserting the strip into the UASure, when it is OFF, AND before you apply blood to it. If you are still getting constant readings, then use the 'monitor checker' and contact us.